Interior Designing is the art of understanding people’s behavior to make functional space within the building.

Has this Pandemic affected the interior designing field?

Well, good for us, it has not affected this field at all. In fact, it has influenced designers to come up with great ideas for everyone as per their needs and requirements.

As we all know, the Pandemic has changed the life of every single person in every possible way. But it has also brought families together. A not-so-important concept of work from home became the most important, instantly. Everyone has to work from home. For more than a year now, the home has become our workplace, gymnasium, yoga room, relaxation place, and even a theatre!

We all need different kinds of spaces in our house. Interior designers have come up with really great ideas for all of us who are willing to try some new things in the present and the post-pandemic world.

After talking to a lot of interior designers, they told us that interior style has evolved with the pandemic experience.

Designers have a lot more to play with the spaces. Converting small and huge spaces for activities of the family.

Starting with the entry, nowadays whenever someone enters our home, the first thing we ask them is to sanitize their hand for the safety of everyone.  Interior Designers came up with really good ideas by adding a small sanitizing space just before or after the entry into the house.

Nowadays everyone works from home. Most people need a calm atmospheric space to work.

Designers came up with lots of new designs for offices at home.

A wonderful spacious area for workout and yoga where one can listen to music and work out without getting disturbed by any other family members.

Nowadays, families sit together and play lots of games. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a cute and comfy space with a soft and beautiful couch where we can enjoy playing with our family instead of playing in the living room or at the dining table?

Simple balconies can be easily converted into a relaxing and calm area with the help of the Boho and Nature concept. A balcony with lots of our favorite plants and sitting area with fairy lights and bookshelves, comfortable swing, and a lot more where one can sit and have chai-pe-charcha or a Koffee with Karan in the morning and afternoon and enjoy the nature while gossiping with sibling or parents. Hilarious, isn’t it?

If you are a bibliophile, then you must love cute bookshelves, a comfortable chair with a music system where we can read our books and start fantasizing or listen to music and relax or even dance for a satisfactory day.

A family working together does need a To-Do list board area. It can be a really good idea for everyone right now. A family which works together stays together.

In this pandemic, many people have found their niche. There are a lot of new chefs who have an inclination to cooking. Inner chefs have come out. We all have tried many new and different recipes for our family, ourselves, or our friends.

So don’t you think that food looks more attractive when it is decorated perfectly? It is high time that we include decorating our platforms too, which will make cooking easier and more fun for all our inner chefs and most importantly for our mom who needs to clean the whole kitchen; because undoubtedly, decorating food messes up the kitchen.

This pandemic has made us realize that home is more important than anything else. So we are sure that we will be willing to invest in some of these wonderful ideas for our home in the present and future.


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Completed diploma in ground training for pilot, event management and Interior designing and is currently an intern for studio eleven an interior firm Quote - A smile is the beautiful gift one can give to the world♥️

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  • Manith Thakur
    2 years ago Reply

    Wow, this information was really useful, Reading this made me realise that how important this part has been in day today life, Thank you jill shakrani👍🏼
    Hope to read more article by you, all the best

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