There is no art better than beautifully capturing the gorgeous objects of nature and amalgamating them with your product to create high-quality content for your followers on social. Having said that, brands who are keen on integrating the natural elements into their Social Media Marketing might get better results if they tweak in just a little. Sounds simple right?

Here we have the top 05 timeless tricks of all times to help you bring on a stellar photography game.

#1- Find symmetry- Symmetry is that visual element we are naturally drawn to. If you have the opportunity to capture symmetry in an image, you should do so. Your pictures need to stand out to draw the attention of your followers. If it looks as if an amateur is taking the photos, it will reflect poorly on your brand. We both know you don’t want that to happen.

#2- Embrace natural frames- Framing your image is another basic photography skill. Sometimes, subjects are perfectly positioned to be captured within natural frames surrounding them. Any time you have the chance to use a natural frame, you should take advantage of it.

#3- Look for reflections- You want to show your media followers what their product looks like. Say the product here is a bus. But rather than just showing a boring picture of the bus, if you use a reflection to capture the water and coastline during a sunset, it will just create a different aesthetic altogether.

#4- Shoot repeating patterns- Just like symmetry, patterns are another great way to capture the attention of your followers. Sometimes, finding the right pattern is all about shooting from the right angle and perspective. #5- Create a new perspective- You don’t want your social media marketing photos to look like everyone else’s. Your brand needs to come up with new

perspectives to separate yourself from the crowd. Find a perspective that’s unique to your brand. For example, let’s say your company sells skateboards. Rather than taking a picture of a guy on a skateboard, you could mount a camera to the nose of the board.

If you want to run successful social media campaigns, you need to focus more attention on the quality of your marketing photos. All you need is some basic photography skills to get you started in the right direction. You are now all set. Get set go.

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Vidhi Punamiya, Content and Brand Strategist.

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