Remember how back then when we were kids and the technology had not taken over, we used to have these amazing summer camps where we would do so many activities from skating, swimming to painting and dancing! How amazing were those days and how eagerly we would wait for summers to come! 

And now here are our kids- driven by the age of technology. They say change is the only constant and if you don’t change with the changing times, you become outdated. And who wants to be outdated? We know neither you nor your kids! 

That is why we have got your kids the best summer activities because summer vacations mean fun times for your kids! So what if this year has been a little different. We can still make their summer holidays fun and exciting! You must be wondering “How?”

The answer is super simple- With ACTIPASS 

Actipass is your one-stop solution to navigate the best activities for your child in your city with the best mentors and the most affordable prices. Every child is different and Actipass understands this like no one else. That is exactly why they have introduced ONE PASS wherein you and your little one can access and explore through a plethora of activities to understand where their interest lies.

Not just this! There are a wide array of benefits that come with the Actipass Membership i.e., ONE PASS. These are: 
  1. Structured & Certified courses with well-defined outcomes. 
  2. Periodic Review and Feedback on child’s progress in consultation with our Experts and Tutors. 
  3. If your child is eligible, ActiPass will provide Guidance and Mentorship from State and National Level tutors to take them to the Next Level. 
  4. Periodic Free consultation with our Child Experts and Nutritionists. 
  5. Exclusive discounts on Kid’s related Brands/Stores for ActiPass Members. 
  6. Special Discounts and Cash-Back schemes on all classes and activities on the ActiPass platform for members. The more you Learn on ActiPass, the more you Save!! 
  7. Member’s-Only Workshops, Activities, Dinners, and Guest Lectures. 

Above all, ActiPass will help your children to explore various activities, discover their interests, and help them achieve excellence in their chosen activity leading to a Happy and Well-Balanced Lifestyle for Children!!

And these summers, Actipass is on a mission to make the vacation season a blast for your child. They have listed down the best workshops both online and offline for your kids to have fun in the summers but also learn something essential while they are at it.  These are the activities that Actipass has planned for your kids: 

Here’s a list of activities that Actipass is offering with it’s ONE PASS to make your kid’s summer holidays super exciting. 

– Kickboxing
– Football
– Badminton
– Skating
– Cricket
 Art and Craft
Art and craft
– Yoga
– Dance (Bollywood/Classical)
– Singing
– Keyboard
– Guitar 
– Drums
– Tabla
– Ballet 
– Abacus 
– Magic 
– Chess
– Phonics 
– Rubik’s Cube 
– Story Telling 
– Story Yoga

What are you waiting for? Head over to and get your kids an exciting summer holiday experience. 

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Vidhi Punamiya, Content and Brand Strategist.

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