While we are stuck in this pandemic, we keep on hunting the shows and series to pass our time. We take suggestions from different people on which shows and series to watch next. So let us suggest you a few must-watch shows in this pandemic that can make you laugh, cry, amused, scared, joy, and many more.


It is a must-watch series especially if you and your best friends are inseparable. A new and unique script that shows the friendship between 3 girls who are in their 20’s. Jane, Kat, and Sutton grew up in different family backgrounds and ended up meeting each other at SCARLET MAGAZINE. They got to know each other and promised to be with each other no matter what the problems need to face. The 3 best friends always share their problem in a fashion closet which is a part of Scarlet Magazine.

Interesting Right? Sharing your problems with your best of friends and coming up with solutions in a dream fashion closet while trying on different beautiful clothes. The bold type tells us about few really interesting topics which people don’t open up about. They talk about the BRCA gene, abbreviation of breast cancer gene, racism, yeast infection in private parts, LGBTQ, cheating on their partner, exploring each other sexually, and a lot more.

The girls cross all the boundaries and take bold decisions for each other. If we talk about the love life, must say it is very interesting. Kat is bisexual, see how she explores her sexuality with the help of her friends. Dating secretly a senior lawyer of the company in which you work and facing problems together, in fact moving to a different country to confess love, that is Sutton for us. Jane has a complicated love life, but who doesn’t have one, right? There are 4 seasons to watch, for now, season 5 coming soon. We are sure it is worth waiting for.


A really interesting must-watch series written and directed by a father-Son duo Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy and also two of the main character in the show. Eugen Levy plays the role of Johnny Rose the father of Davis Rose [Daniel Levy] and Alexis Rose and the husband of Moira Rose. Johnny Rose and his billionaire family lose everything and so they have to shift to a really small and a messed up town named Schitt’s Creek.

Living in a motel that smells like a gym bag, trying to figure out how to survive with less amount of money. Watch how they try to survive in a small town juggling between different jobs after living a life of a billionaire. Helping each other in a difficult situation and fighting with each other. The growing new love interest in Alexis and David’s life.

The relation between Alexis and her love interest Ted has so many ups and downs in their relationship, and on the other hand, David, who plays the role of a pansexual and his boyfriend turned husband Patrick have a relationship that everyone craves for. 

Alexis being the brat of the family understands her family situation really late and tries to help them by giving them some marketing bits of advice. It is a comedy-drama which one can watch without getting bored at all. There are 6 seasons and the directors thought it would be better to end it before the viewers get bored. But once you start this series, you will wish they had continued with the 7th season, that’s for sure.


If you are a fashionista then this one is for you and trust us you will love this series. It is a colorful, posh rom-com series, of course, we can say by the name itself. Emily is a US citizen working for a French company named SAVOIR in the US itself.

Later due to some reasons her company sends her off to the head office in Paris. How difficult can it be right? Well, it was really difficult for Emily because the people of France are not so inviting for the US citizen. But Emily tries her best to fit herself in Paris by dressing like them and catching their accent.

Emily learns something different about Paris each day. Slowly Emily adapts to everything. She faces a lot of problems with her boss in Paris.   Emily falls in love with Paris and of course her Handsome neighbor Gabriel. Gabriel is a well-known chef in a 5-star restaurant.

Most of the time, Emily takes her clients to the restaurant where Gabriel works. If you are thinking to visit Paris then you should but after watching this amazing series where they have tried to show every beautiful thing about Paris, Cafes, Monuments, Streets and a lot more. This latest series’ Season 1 has aired and season 2 is on its way.

#4- LUCIFER- Lucifer

The Devil himself! That is what we think when we hear this name. But we are not wrong it is actually about the Devil himself. Lucifer, son of God of Creation, the ruler of Hell. Why did he move to earth?  Well because he was bored in hell.

Lucifer owns a Club in Los Angeles named LUX at the top of a building. Lucifer the Punisher falls in love with a Detective named Chloe. He helps Chloe whenever she is stuck in some case. As he is one of the sons of God himself, he has powers which no one knows about on earth. One of his powers is Hypnotism.

He hypnotizes the criminal by looking in their eyes and asking “WHAT DO YOU DESIRE”. Every episode has a new case. Lucifer is always asked to go to hell because Hell is messed up without him but he desires to stay on earth because of Chloe. Chloe is Lucifer’s Weakness, Yes the Devil himself has a weakness which was made by his true Father.

God made Cloe because Lucifer was supposed to be vulnerable around her. Chloe is a weakness for Lucifer, but what would happen when Lucifer tells Chloe about his true identity? You must watch this series for all the amazing cases they solve and of course to know the Love life of The Devil and a Human. There are 5 seasons and more yet to come.

We hope you enjoy watching these wonderful shows in this pandemic and pray for the safety and recovery of those affected by any reason.

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