Whoever said that beauty is more than just a routine, it’s a lifestyle, couldn’t have been more right. We women always have this underlying need to look utterly beautiful no matter what age we are in.Having said that, it is also 100% true that it requires more than just a beauty routine that you follow only when you want to look your best or when some weddings are coming up.On the off days as well, you need to be true to your beauty regime and do it consistently so that some years down the line, you are proud of your younger self for doing it right.

Let’s see what these beauty habits are that you need to do daily without a miss.

Removing makeup– Sleeping with makeup on is like sleeping with all the dirt on. This is ideal because your makeup traps everything when you’re outdoors. And trust me! You don’t want to be doing that. Hence you’ve got to remove your makeup and all of it. Start with cleansing first to remove makeup and then again for the second time to deep clean the skin.

Exfoliate- Exfoliating all over your body is very important because it helps your skin to absorb the moisture better and also helps you get a close shave. Plus, it increases body circulation and texture of the skin while removing all the dead skin cells.

Switch shampoo with seasons- Think of your hair just like you think about your skin. With the changing seasons, like you change your makeup products from gel-based to cream-based, do the same with shampoos. Choosing the right hair care products depending on the climate and your own body chemistry plays a great hand in keeping your beauty intact for eternity. Focus on your diet- Beauty is not all about the products that we use, it’s more about what we consume in terms of food, lifestyle, and more. Hence one significant factor in keeping your skin timeless is your diet. Caffeine, sugar,cigarettes, alcohol, and even environmental pollution are all toxins that can wreak havoc on the skin and take things for a toss in the longer run. What you can do is limit your exposure to these things.

Here you go! These simple boxes that if you tick every day, you are bound to have a timeless beauty for all the coming years and eternity.

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Vidhi Punamiya, Content and Brand Strategist.

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