In today’s digital world we all are well aware, that whether your business is small or big, creating and maintaining a website can be amazing. So we need to update ours but can’t seem to find the time. Between selecting compelling images, writing SEO friendly quality content, choosing the right tool integrations, we understand the difficulty of developing a corporate website.

At Comet Digisol, we are a team of experts providing 360-degree marketing solutions to small and big enterprises. With the help of our expert team, we make custom-made CMS (Content Management System) for you to run the website easily, being a non-technical person. 

Despite easy and convenient for small and big enterprises, we have observed several common mistakes that people make while developing their website.

Here are 9 common mistakes when creating your business website:

1.No Business Plan: Would you start a business without a plan? Well, you should think about your website in the same way. Your website is the first impression of your business in the digital world. But you need to make sure what your website has or shows. Without creating a roadmap of what you want from the website or what you want your user to get from the website. Your website should have the basic information about your business, product/service, USP, Why choose your brand and contact. It is also important that your website look and feel matches the colour with the brand and what your business stands for. Otherwise, your customers will get confused and not trust your business.

2.Focusing only on Sales: This is one of the most common mistakes small and big businesses make. Your website should indeed exist to sell products/services, but it should not be the only focus. Then what differentiates your business from the others selling the same thing? Your business must have a unique selling proposition, to show your target audience that will make your business appeal to customers beyond the actual product/service. Your unique selling proposition can be Company slogans, messages, Core values, Why to choose us? Business personality.

3.No Appropriate Call-to-action Button: Most business websites don’t have a call-to-action button which is again a common error made by them. Most of them put a lot of effort to bring potential customers to their website, but they forget to follow through or convince the customer to purchase their product/service. This is where the call-to-action button is necessary. Whether it’s a purchase, lead, subscription, or further engagement, you need to guide your website customer in the right direction and give them the push to move forward. No matter how appealing your website looks, a call-to-action button is key to seal the deal and grow your relationship with the customer and achieve your business goals.

4.No Favicon: Favicon resembles your brand, which normally is your company logo. Most people prefer to use a lot of tabs while they are browsing. And some keep them open to review the website later. Favicons give the visitors the visual clue they need to orient themselves, find what they are looking for and return to your tab while they are browsing.

5.Not Responsive: People are now more dependant on mobile phones and browse everything there instead of on computers. Because of this switch, make sure your business website is up to date 

6.Complex Navigation: Your website is your online business portal for many users, it’s hard to navigate if there are not enough or too many pages. It makes the layout too hard to understand, as it is cramped or spread out. A bad layout can feel devastating to your customers. It is like a zig-zag maze to them. If your customer becomes lost you tend to lose them as a potential customer. This is neither accepted nor avoidable. So remember your website has a visible navigation bar that can be seen on any size. See to it that your website follows a common pattern to make it easier for your customers to understand.

7.Not including blog posts: This a common mistake medium-sized or startups do by not including a blog page on their website. Blogs can help your business to succeed and easily advertise your brand to a larger audience. Blogs are the best way to differentiate your brand from your competitors, helps you to create a relationship with your audience, talk about your expertise and have fun. There are tons of reasons for a website to include a blog page on its website. Blogs help you get more traffic to your website, increase your online presence, and gives your brand credibility. To do so, blogs should be regularly updated, well written with relevant content.

8.Avoiding SEO Optimization: Your website is easy to navigate and it looks great. If you haven’t considered SEO in your website, then your beautiful website is far away in the vast seas of the internet. SEO needs to be considered in your website in its initial stages. An SEO expert will be able to guide you with the visibility of your site and build its design. Think SEO as a foundation, not as a roof.

9.Cut, Copy & Paste Content: Stealing or duplicating content is not going to do any good to you. Ideally because of the fact that originality is the key to your brand uniqueness. Hence whatever goes from your brand to the public outside should be 100% organic and original. 

 All in all, your website is the digital face of your company. So it should be able to give away the brand values and organizational goals to the readers. Make the most from your website by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes. 

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Hello! I am Karishma Shah, Co-Founder at Comet Digisol, a content writer and baker at Brown sugar Bistro. Learning more about Digital marketing, developing the skills of content creation at Comet Digisol. With ups and downs, overcoming every challenge has helped us marked this journey of 4 years. Baking has always been a passion that has turned into my profession. We bake wholewheat cakes with no refined sugar. "Taste not compromised, but Health personified"

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